About Bill

Nikon FTN image

My interest in photography began in high school when I had a darkroom in a modest sized closet in the basement. I largely set the hobby aside when I left home for college and beyond, although after graduation I was privileged to have a then swanky Nikon FTN. I have had an array of Nikons over time: a D70, a D300 and a P7700. I have most recently acquired the Nikon mirrorless camera, the Z6, which in terms of complexity seems more like a computer with a lens in front. And I carry an iPhone, which truly is a computer with both a built in telephone and a camera with two lenses (front and back).

Nikon FTN image

After retiring from a career in institutional finance, I at last took some photography courses -- several workshops and expeditions organized by the National Geographic and led by accomplished photojournalists. They were not so much for geeks wanting to fiddle with the latest hardware as they were lessons in finding the story in front of you and positioning yourself in time and space to capture it in an image.

The new piece of the hobby is the digital aspect. Today, film is out. So, too, in large part, is printing. Bringing images to a digital display has been a challenge. No longer are my hands reeking of darkroom chemicals, but my eyes may ache from time in front of the computer "developing" the images and designing webpages on the internet to show them. But for me it's all part of the fun, just as is the hunt for new images.

In short: a geek trying to be an artist.

Bill Duncan
Canton, Connecticut