About This Site

INTRODUCTION. You should see the introductory animation to the home page only once while you are here. When you return after leaving this site, you should see it again.

SOUND. There are sound effects with the animation, but Safari and perhaps some other web browsers will not automatically play the audio unless you permit. Safari users may enable the automatic audio playback for this site by entering Safari Preferences while this site is open and then selecting the Websites tab. Then select "AutoPlay" in the left column, "billduncan.us" in the middle column, and "Allow All AutoPlay" in the right column. Next time you visit this site, you should hear certain camera sounds during the brief introductory animation.

PHONES AND TABLETS. As now redesigned, this website should be easier to navigate on small screens and screens that are touch enabled. Taps, double taps and swipes instead of clicks and hovers? The techniques may vary on different devices and different pages.

KNOWN PROBLEM(S). The spinning globe in the WHERE IN THE WORLD page does not size correctly in Microsoft Edge.

OTHER PROBLEMS? Please let me know if you encounter any.

Bill Duncan
Canton, Connecticut